Never Beyond: A People Defined

Never_Beyond_osamaThis post is part of the series, “Never Beyond: A POTSC Series”  For more information on the series, please click on this link.

For a decade, the beard and the turban defined a group of people.  Terrorists hide behind every bush.  A mosque opening close to Ground Zero sparked a furor.  Osama’s profile reminded us of the most horrible day in this generation’s history.

I don’t know what a second chance would look like for Osama.  However, I think I know what we can do for those who he defined.  Radical grace looks like radical acceptance of the individual. We must have radical understanding where they find themselves.

We must not let others define our understanding of any other person.  We cannot allow labels to be applied to anyone.  God created us to be unique and special.  He created us to have parts that no one else can have.  He also created us to see things differently than the status quo.

We can change.  We don’t have to live in fear or in shame.    We don’t have to be defined by another person’s actions.  We cannot allow others actions to define an entire group of people.

These attitudes divide people and run counter cultural to the gospel of reconciliation.  The gospel of radical Grace reconciles people to God and each other.  Without it, we get lost.

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