Never Beyond: Doing what comes naturally


Never_Beyond_animalThis post is part of the series, “Never Beyond: A POTSC Series”  For more information on the series, please click on this link.

A month or so ago, we had a family movie night watching, “The Muppets.”  In this incarnation, Animal has resigned himself to trying to stay as calm as he can.  In the end. he cannot and has to be himself.

So often, an animal inside of me lurks.  I try to keep it stable.  I try to keep it calm.  But an anger storm churns just beneath the surface.  Is it my natural state to be angry?  Is it the circumstances of my life that push it?

Recently, I joined a celebrate recovery group for my anger.  I have explored my soul.  I have worked to understand why I would exhibit things I so often want to end.  However, I still find myself acting like Animal.  It seems my nature wants to come out.

Unfortunate at best and hurtful at worst, I transform into the word parts of myself.

However, those who love me have a choice.  One forced on them by my own in ability to not bang the drums.  They can choose to extend grace.  They can understand.  They don’t have to do so.  But they can and often do.

It in those moments that while I may be Animal like, I am not an animal.  God loves me through the people that surround me.  They display grace and I remember who I am.

Not an animal…  A child…  frustrated…  hurt… but not an animal.

Next time someone transforms before your very eyes.

Offer grace.

Believe me.  They won’t forget it.


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