Never Beyond: Forgiving the Controller

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We make fun of them.  We see them as less than human.  We look at their actions and then we judge them with every righteous fiber of our being.

Hitler.  Pol Pot.  David Koresh.  Jim Jones. Kim Jong Il.

We look at their behaviors and deem it less than human.  Hitler exterminated people as if they were bugs.  Koresh led his followers in spiritual marriages and ultimately a fiery end in Waco.

We demonize and sermonize all the while not realizing that some of us carry their genes into our everyday life.

How many times do you try to control something or someone?

I manipulate and move people like they are pieces on my chess board.  I do it in the name of Jesus but I do it anyway.  I play on people’s emotions and try to get them to do exactly what I want them to do.  Give what I want them to give.  If they don’t, I find a way to punish them.

I become the little dictator of my life.  I evolve into the guy who controls and does whatever it takes to keep me happy.  Ironic, isn’t it?  My actions may not play out on the stage of a nation but in some ways they are more damaging.  My actions damage on a personal level.  I hurt someone specific when I go this direction.

Dictators aren’t normally so intimately associated with their people.  I am.

I need God’s grace and forgiveness to break this pattern and to serve.  To be like Jesus, I have to serve.

No longer will I dictate.  I will take orders.

I will search for God’s best for people.

I will not be a dictator; I will serve.

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