Never Beyond: Locked Up

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Wow….  First, this is such an awesome series and I am seriously honored to write during this series.

Second, I have to admit that the Casey Anthony trial did not hit me like everyone else.   It has not occupied my thoughts and I could care less where she lives.  There were two moments when I wondered how it could go so badly.  First, how could any mother go out and party while her daughter was missing? Second, how could anyone want to hurt a child so beautiful?

These thoughts have forced me to think, “If she did it, would I be able to forgive her?”  The answer has to be yes.  God would forgive her because we have all sinned and fallen short.   Killing your child is lumped into the same category as being disobedient.

In the end, Casey Anthony is a reminder that none of us are beyond God’s grace.  It frees us from the lock up we find ourselves in because of sin.

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