Never Beyond: Mirror, mirror

Never Beyond - Mirror MirrorThis post is part of the series, “Never Beyond: A POTSC Series”  For more information on the series, please click on this link.

So often, the wicked queen utters this phrase.  She has it out for Snow White.  Snow White has offended her.  Snow White was more fair than the queen and so she was better than the Queen.  She decides because Snow White is fairer, she must destroy Snow.

There are a couple of lessons I think we can take from this story.

1. What would have happened if the Queen just let go of her vanity?

2. What would have happened if she had really killed Snow?  Would someone else have been declared more fair and then she on that person too?

The Queen’s pride and sin of covetousness were obvious. However, I think for second we should focus on Snow White’s response.  How would Snow White react?  Would someone so fair have the necessary experience to forgive and to deal with the Queen?

I hope to see old stories I think I know from new angles.  I am sure I know the ending before its even written.  Just like Snow White and the seven dwarfs, I often wonder about my own heart and my ability to forgive.

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