Never Beyond: Punchout

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As a kid, I loved video games.  I loved my NES….  Mike Tyson’s Punch Out was the best game ever.  I fought my way through to Mike and finally punched him out.

I never realized that life would have the same effect.  Mike Tyson has faced numerous challenges and made some really bad choices.  Does that mean he is beyond a second chance? a third? a fourth?  I have faced challenges and have made some really bad choices.  Does that mean that I am?

This is the time for us to declare that we are never beyond God’s grace.  Mike Tyson isn’t.  I’m not.  And for that matter neither are you.   God’s grace is not limited to those who have it all together.

A second chance?  What would you do with it?  What would Mike do with it?

Think about it for a second…..

How much would a second chance be worth to you?

The ability to “punch out” whatever it was….

You can have a second, third, fourth chance……..

Never Beyond….

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