Never Beyond: Selling the Future

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Belonging to a group of people who often get maligned for saying one thing and meaning something different carries a special burden and weight.  Politicians share a unique place in our society.  To some extent, we expect them to promise anything to get our vote and then do whatever they want when the votes are counted.

However, Rod Blagojevich finds his way into history in a unique way.  I looked him up on Wikipedia because I thought I knew what he had done.  However, I was wrong.    His brash manner and constant disregard for the welfare of the state entrusted him overwhelmed me.  It seems that every time he balanced the budget or attempted to accomplish something, he would sell out the future of his state.

I have wondered what the concept of a second chance would look like for “Blago.”  I bet he would be willing to take a second chance to stay in politics.  A  second chance to have power.  A second chance to rethink selling the Senate seat.

In my pondering, I wonder if forgiveness and second chances don’t come in a different format than the original chance.  See for Rod, he probably believes his second chance lies in politics and gaining people’s votes.  And yet, I can’t help but believe his second chances would come from the ability to accomplish things that help people in their daily struggles.  Many of the problems he created revolved around his desire to create a future for and provide help to people he deemed need it.  Rod’s health care reforms provided for families who could never get what they needed other wise.

Rod’s wrong doing occurred when he tried to sell someone else’s future to he could secure his own.  Yet, imagine what he could accomplish if he worried about others’ futures and left his own to God.

That would truly be a second chance…  for Rod and if I am honest, for me too.

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