Never Beyond: We all got the 100% bailout

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The 99% – Occupy Wall Street – Down with the 1%

GM and other corporations got their bailouts.  Where is ours? The government helped these major corporations.  We have lost our homes and our jobs.

The Occupy Wall Street movement concerns itself with political and social concerns.  They speak out on behalf of the other 99% of people who didn’t get a bailout.

However, the 99% fail to take into account the problem of the 1%.


Every person has at lease 1% of the responsibility for their situation. 

No matter what our situation.  Maybe someone did something so horrible to us that they have 99% of the responsibility.  God still makes sure that we can possess the 1% it takes to forgive and give grace.

How can that be?


Jesus gives us a 100% bailout of grace. 

So here I am to speak for the 100% who did get the bailout.

The Bailout:

Genesis 3 says all humans are broken because of Adam and Eve’s decisions in the Garden of Eden.  The Gospels tell us Jesus came, died, and rose from the dead so that humans could get a bailout of God’s grace.  Now humanity empowered by God no longer has to be broken nor did they have the right to be judgmental when others get a bailout.  Some of our bailouts may seem more expensive or bigger than others.  The truth resets the facts to the basics:  our bailouts = the same size.

The main thing to remember at the core of any issue rests the fact:  God’s bailout makes all issues at least 1% our responsibility.

We have at least a 1% responsibility to forgive 100% and to being God’s grace in any situation – horrible or not.

No matter how hard or how ugly a situation gets the 1% must respond in Grace and love.

We are the 1%!!!!

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