Never Beyond: When someone calls you a name….

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Last week, I blogged in this series about the KKK.

Mel Gibson’s issues seem to stem from similar vices.  So, I find it interesting that this week we are still talking about the same issue – RACISM.

Mel Gibson’s face bears a strikingly better view than a hood.  No eyes peering at you from behind a mask.  No scary images in the night unless you count that M. Night Shyamalan movie he did.  No crazy looks unless you count that mug shot that we all saw.

Mel’s vice carries that same wreckless hate that I spoke about last week.  The package is just much prettier.  The package contains it much better. 

Where do we draw the line at holding someone accountable for their actions and giving them a second chance.  What does a a second chance look and feel like for Mel Gibson?  Is saying he’s sorry enough?  It seems that many people are incredulous and unbelieving that his new movie will feature a hero from a race that he so disparaged with his words.  They laugh and fear because they have reduced Mel Gibson down to the words that he seems to espouse.  Can he really put aside what seems to be “his” hate?

Can Mel distance himself from the words that he said?  In his apologies, he has stated that these words do not show his true opinions.  His actions speak louder than these words.  However, James tells us that the tongue is the window to a person’s soul (James 3:9-12).

I find it ironic that ultimately it is easier for me to forgive Mel Gibson than the KKK.  We Were Soldiers.  Braveheart. The Passion of the Christ. All these movies have deeply moved me.  Because of that I think I am more likely to give Mel Gibson a pace.  I say, “Aw… It’s alright.”

I know that we can never truly have justice.  Justice flies away from us all the time.  We can have mercy and grace.  We can change the world through pouring love and grace on people.  I say we start with Mel and love him in spite of himself.  We shower him with the grace that God first showered us.   Those who bash and hurt through name calling and racism need God’s grace and love so deeply.  Let’s be the vessel that brings it.

Then let’s step back and see if Mel’s actions tell us that he needs a third or fourth or hundredth chance to receive Grace.

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