Never Beyond: You’re a mean one……

Never_beyond_grinchThis post is part of the series, “Never Beyond: A POTSC Series”  For more information on the series, please click on this link.

You have met them.  You know the people the could spit nails because of meanness.  They would take away Christmas from an orphan.

In the story of the Grinch, this mean green character plots and plans to steal Christmas from Whoville and the children who live there.  He thinks gifts, presents and decorations bring the Christmas spirit to life.  He disguises himself.  Sneaks into town and steals all the Christmas presents he can find.

In the process, he meets a little girl named Cindy Lu Who.  Cindy Lu mistakes the Grinch for Santa but spends enough time that he gets the idea of who he steals Christmas from in the first place.  The Grinch celebrates his actions until he realizes the true nature of Christmas.  In that moment, his heart grows several sizes in one day.

I think the most amazing part of this story belongs to Cindy Lu Who.  Cindy Lu’s interactions with the Grinch start a long process of change.  Her interactions allow the Grinch to place a Whoman face on the people of Whoville.  His thoughts of Cindy Lu govern his actions from this point forward.

A person of the second chance brings Grace to people.  Our actions of grace allow them to cross a boundary from one side of the equation to the other.

Do your actions help others to see Christ?  Do your words and interactions with Grinches grow their hearts several sizes?  James 3 tells us the tongue has the power of life and death.  We have the power to create Grinches and the power to bring them to their senses.

Which way will you choose?


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