Never Give Up

Days come when I want a Dr. Pepper more than I want to work out.

Days come when I am too tired and yet I still go to the gym.

Days come when I think to myself why?

Days come when I want so badly to do more and yet fail because the ball gets pulled back.

Days come when I feel bad because for all my marketing efforts I have only garnered 2000 votes.

Days come when push really does feel like it have come to shove.

Days come when I think to myself: this can all be over if I am just willing to quit.

Then Days come where I run 4 miles instead of three.

Days come when I stay up on my plank 10 seconds longer than I think I can.

Days come when my pushup form matches the pictures I have seen.

Days come when my body is stronger than what I think it can be.

Days come when my brain tells my body what to do and it does it.

If I give up, the days just stop coming.

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