New Thinking – Process

“The kind of thinking that will solve the world’s problems will be of a different order to the kind of thinking that created those problems in the first place.”  – Albert Einstein

Technology has changed the way we live.  I recently attended a demonstration at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science. It was on electricity and how far we have come since the implementation of electricity.  It demonstrated everything from static electricity to the Tesla coil.  We live at a much faster rate than 100 years ago.

We live at a rate that we think everything is solved in about 30 minutes to an hour.  This has led us to forget the need to process through things.   To make any change that is worth keeping we have to have  change that will last.   That kind of change cannot happen in 30 minutes.  It requires what Eugene Peterson called a “long obedience.”

If we plan on changing the world we have to first think differently.  If we want to get to a place of dealing with the problems around us as well as the ones we created we have to view life differently.  We have to develop the view that we are partners in God’s process to change our lives and to heal our brokenness.

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