No Excuses!

I am realizing how mental losing weight really is.  The other night with my coach, Sherman, there was a moment where I started bargaining with him.  In that moment I realized a couple things about the mental nature of what is going on with me.

First, my body has got to learn to do what I tell it to do.  Up until now I have chosen to follow what my body wants.  I feed it what it wants.  I was watching a military show called “Special Ops Mission.”  Will Willis is the star of it and he takes on simulated war games.  In one place, he gets hurt and he starts talking to his body.  He said, “I exercise you, I feed you, I give you everything you need.  This is how you repay me.”  Two nights ago, I took his cue and started telling my body the way it would be during exercise.  It doesn’t always cooperate now because it can’t.  It’s too weak.  But as Sherman says, “There’s a solution for that.”

Second, the minute I start bargaining I am done.  I am not giving it everything I need to do to make it through this program.  I have to just shut up and do it.  No excuses.  If my body is weak, that’s its problem not my brains.

I printed and laminated the sign above to give to Sherman at my work out tonight.


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