“One Riot, One Ranger!” – Texas History

In Texas History, Texas Rangers hold a supreme place of honor.  They were established in the early 1800s (1823) and have served Texas with honor and distinction.  A museum to commemorate their history exists in Waco.  I have dreamed of taking my boys to hear the stories of these men.

So last Monday, I finally had the opportunity to go with my kids.  We loved every minute of our visit.  If you haven’t gone, you need to visit and hear the stories of these men. I looked to encourage and inspire my kids to be inquisitive and investigate every aspect of Ranger life.  I had hoped that they would get into it.

Here are some of the things they got to do:

1.  My kids got to assemble and disassemble a Colt Patterson handgun. 

2.  They got to handle several handguns and imagine riding horseback while trying to shoot at the bad guys.

3.  They participated in a manhunt throughout the museum.  Joshua went room to room trying to find all of the gang.  He might end up being our little Texas Ranger.  They got a prize at the end of the hunt (Hint:  If you cannot find the last one, check the store).

4.  They watched a movie detailing the history of the Rangers in a room decked out with the history of the Rangers all around them.

5.  They explored cases, such as the Rusk State Hospital standoff or the Siege at Hunstville. 

6.  They met men who served our state and gave their lives in violence to bring peace.

7.  They participated in a scavenger hunt that caused them to look into all the history they museum has to offer.

8.  Aidan got to dress up in a room dedicated to the Rangers in media.  The Texas Rangers have such a reputation for giving your best and bring honor to the name Ranger, that they have been immortalized by the Texas Rangers (baseball), Walker, Texas Ranger (TV), or Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger (the  movies),

This awesome trip introduced them to so many things.  I wish I could share them all with you.

The most important lesson they learned they found in Captain Bill McDonald’s motto:

“No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that’s in the right and keeps on a-comin’.”


Gotta Love the Rangers!  Thank you so much for all you do.

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