Our Favorite Sins

Our Favorite Sins – Todd Hunter

2012 – Thomas Nelson – ISBN-13: 978-1595554444


Temptations… Sin….  Grace…  Self-Control….

These words sound churchy.  They sound old fashioned and not words that we often use.  In his book, Our Favorite Sins, Todd Hunter helps us to break down these churchy words into real concepts and into real life application of them.

He spends the first three chapters dealing with the nature of temptations.   We gravitate to specific temptations because some need inside compels us.  Some temptations carry no issues for us while others contain dangers unimaginable.

This quote from the book sums up the book for me:

Temptation does not produce desire. Desire makes temptation possible. To beat temptation, I need to reorder my desires.

This statement  revolutionizes the way we look at temptation.  We have to look at it from the inside out.  Temptations are not external.  They come from within.  The reordering of our desires must serve to bring us to the place of wanting what God wants.  The third chapter deals with our lack of training to deal with temptations.   Hunter reveals that many of us avoid discipline and structure because our “goals and aspirations” do not spring from a worldview desiring what God wants.  We simply exist and he gives reasons he thinks this occurs.

Chapters four through eight deal with specific temptations.  Hunter discusses them in light of what scripture says and how our temptations over come us.   He deals with media, laziness, food procrastination, and being anxious.

The remaining chapters do something that amazes me.  Hunter postulates that the noisiness of our lives drowns out the clarity God offers us in relationship to His desires.

Most of the loudest messages entering our ears and eyes encourage self-satisfaction. – chapter 2

Hunter spends the remaining chapters detailing how the ancient practices of silence, solitude, Sabbath, and fasting can help us to drown out the extra noise and hear God directly.

This book possesses the potential to help a lot of people to overcome temptation and achieve a life with God few have imagined.  I would highly recommend this resource in the battle to become more like Jesus.    Our Favorite Sins has moved fast to the top of my favorite books on temptation.  Todd Hunter reminds us every human struggles with temptation, few overcome it.

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  1. Great review. I ended up clipping/saving this review.

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