Parenting Resource: Spirit Fighter

Spirit Fighter – Jerel Law

2012 – Thomas Nelson- ISBN-13: 978-1400318438

In the book description, Jonah Stone gets compared to Percy Jackson.  Evidence exists to compare the two; however, I feel Jonah Stone can stand on his own.

This fictitious novel conveys the story of a young boy named Jonah Stone.  He finds out he has special powers because his mom is half angel.  This book spends time laying the foundation for the reader of the Nephilim.  For those who don’t know, the Nephilim are a group of people who were spawned from the union of fallen angels and humans.  This story imagines if this happened today.

Upon hearing all of these things, Jonah finds himself enthralled in a plot by Abaddon (the devil) to take over the physical world through the Nephilim that exist.  Jonah’s mom gets kidnapped. And away we go…..

I find this book to be an interesting quandary.  In the tradition of Frank Peretti, Jerel Law attacks the spiritual warfare genre.  He adds some really cool concepts for kids.  As a parent, I teach my two boys (age 8 and 6) about the armor of God.  In this book, the armor of God comes to life.  Between the shield of faith and arrows, Jonah and his little sister get some cool upgrades to their faith.

I have a couple of issues with this book.

First, the book is billed as an alternative to Percy Jackson (Greek Mythology) or Harry Potter.  I wish we as believers could recognize an author’s book for its literary contribution.   As Christians, we feel like we have to sell it to our kids so they don’t feel like they miss out when we tell them not to read Percy Jackson. Don’t know what the answer is to this problem but it feeds the second issue.

Second, when we pen a story such as this one, we have to be aware of the theology we present to our kids.  As a teenager, I read Peretti’s books.  They shape the way I view angels and demons, even though they are works of fiction.  This book will do the same for my kids.  I have an issue with the loss of salvation for the Nephilim.  Somehow you have to do something with the Nephilim concept now.  Can there be new Nephilim created?  Don’t know but makes for interesting reading.  It would also explain Superman, Spiderman and Batman!

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