Paying attention to the little things…..

Sometimes life is less about the big things and more about the small things. I took this picture as I entered my neighborhood.  First, I must say my wife took a similar picture a few days ago.

So now look at this picture and tell me what you see wrong?

I know you think it is obvious.

You could say the fact that I slowed down  to take a picture.

I know you want to say. “There’s a BULL in someone’s front yard.”

But that’s not it.

Think for a second.   Stumped?  Do you see it yet?

Somewhere there’s a broken fence in this bull’s life…..This bull’s owner allowed the fences to decay and brake.

The fences are the little things that keep us safe.  The little things are what make the difference.  They keep us on the straight and narrow.  They keep that moment of temptation at bay or they spur us on to do what we need to be healthy.

A two degree difference makes miles of difference in the long run.  The lack of checking on the fence by the owner allowed this bull to end up in this person’s yard.

Check your fences and check the little things in your life.

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