Personal Development Resource: Seal of God

Seal of God – Chad Williams

2012 – Tyndale – ISBN: 978-14143-6874-0

Let me start by saying how much I love and care for the US Armed Forces.  Without them we would be severely lost.   They provide us with protection and create a barrier that keeps us safe.

With that said, I am not sure how I feel about this book.  I found the story to be less compelling than I thought I would.  I was excited to read it and was looking to be encouraged by the story that would be told.  I approached the book with the knowledge that I couldn’t understand everything about the author’s life but that he would give some principles that would guide a life of being a warrior for God.

I found myself unprepared for just a story.  I expected a spiritual journey and I received a simple biography.  Chad Williams walks us through his journey to becoming a SEAL and then for leaving the SEAL teams.  He spends two thirds of the book describing the process and his motivation for becoming a SEAL.  In the last third or so, he explains how he began to follow Christ and where that came into direct conflict with his role a SEAL.  He processes how he made the decision to leave the SEALs.

I felt like this book develops a justification for Williams instead of giving men some insight into the narrow path that lay before them.  He wants men to know that they can be tough and be a Christian.

I wish I could like this book.  I wish I could say read this book and it will give wisdom about x, y, or z.   I just cannot recommend it.

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  1. Thanks for writing such an honest review of the book. I recently heard retired Major Jeff Struecker, who gave a testimony of his call to the ministry and how God worked in his time in Somalia. He led a rescue mission into the helicopter crash site at Mogadishu. The speech he gave was very compelling. I have not read any of his books, but perhaps, his books may be better suited for those seeking wisdom.

    • I hate bagging a book. Someone worked really hard to create a web of words that tells something they needed to get out. I just felt I had to be honest.

      I think that’s what caught me. I read Road to Unafraid by Jeff Struecker a few years back. While there was still a lot of biography, I felt he spoke at a higher level to men. Yes, he was an Army Ranger but he had a message to impart to men.

      Anyway. Thanks for the feedback.

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