Preaching with a woman….

I am finally putting today to sleep.  Eventful could not describe the day. However, the best part of it came when I spoke with my wife this morning.

I preach every Sunday.  I prepare.  I pray.  I listen.  I hope that I hear God and repeat what He wants me to say.  It’s a sacred bond between me and the people I lead.   I promised them that I would never deliver a sermon I did have to struggle through myself.

Today we talked about living as a woman who follows Christ in this world and in her marriage.  Needless to say, I needed help with today’s sermon.  The role of women has been hotly debated in the last few years.  My wife serves as an intelligent, educated and wise woman.  I value her opinion and love that she spent time with me this morning sharing.

It is hard being a man or woman who follows Christ.  I am blessed to live with one.

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