Principle or privilege?

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

So often, we forget that our principles should be so ingrained in our character that we would never betray them to become something else.  We desire something so much more than we desire God. We let distractions remove from us the things that we hold the most dear about God and our relationship with Him.

The military life is one of discipline.  It requires training that allows a person to exert control over their natural instincts.  It allows training to take over when the shooting starts.  It keeps your mind focused on the task at hand and to trust that your brothers and sisters on either side of you are keeping you safe.

We would do well to pattern our heart’s discipline after such training.  God wants us to be able to focus on one thing.  He wants us to not be distracted by the privileges we are given but allow the principles of His word to discipline us in the use of them.  He wants us to trust the other parts of the body to do their part and for us to trust in that work.  We can only achieve that goal when we trust and ask Him for the completion of it.

General Eisenhower was right.  We have the greatest privilege of freedom from sin.  Too often we use it as an excuse to not live out the principles of holiness and rightness.  Funny how when we do this we lose that freedom and bind ourselves back up….

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