I just saw this on a friend’s Facebook feed and it reminded me of my life for the last few years.  I don’t know that I forgot as much as I was just too busy.  I know this contest is about working out.  I know it is about getting healthy.


It is so much easier to be lazy.  It is so much easier to get caught up in family things.  It is so much easier to just feel tired and worn from the day and everyone pulling on you.

So much of life is about priorities.  So much of who we are is about getting it right.  We hear all these stats about fatherless children.  We see marriages in shambles because people don’t spend enough time together.  We see people get fired because they cannot concentrate on what is important during their day.

I am overweight because I allow other things to be more important than working out.  This contest stirs so much in my life because it is more than about surviving.

This contest forces me to look at my life and prioritize.  I have to discover a way to prioritize the important things.  Figure out the important ways I want to grow and then figure out what way I will put into effect.

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