Rahab – the Community Savior

Joshua 2 tells the story of a woman named Rahab.   Other places mention her.  One in particular tells us her relationship to Jesus.

As I read this story, a few things jumped off the pages to me.

1. Rahab served the city as a harlot.  She was a prostitute.  The men of the city who showed up on her door might have even been her customers.  Her loyalties lie elsewhere.   Not with the men who showed up to question her.  A steady stream of men flowed through her doors but here she chose to betray them.

2. Rahab wanted nothing more than to save her family.   Her only request pushed the men to save her family and everyone with her.  The community she lived in was more important to her than even her own life.  She hid the spies and then lied to the men who questioned her to save her family and “those  with her.”  She believed in community so much she sought to save ti.

3. The third thing about this passage stems from her job.  While the first thing showed her relationship to the men of the city, this issue stems from her relationship with her family.  Was she estranged from them?  Did they speak to her?  Was she ostracized by them?   Had she been separated from them?  What did they think when she showed up telling this story?  Did they go with her willingly?

She hung the thread out of her window and waited.  She waited for God to bring about her salvation.  She brought all her family together whatever the size of that group of people,  No matter the personal cost.

I wonder what all of this cost Rahab personally?  Whatever it cost, God returned it to her 100 times over.  Her sacrifice allowed Jesus to come through her lineage. She brought about a salvation of her community that even Matthew notes when he writes her name into Jesus’ genealogy.  Rahab’s courage changes her family tree.


What about yours?


What are you asking God for right now?  I would love to hear by email or you leaving a comment below.


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