Remember the Alamo!!

Today marks the end of the battle of the Alamo.  Most people think that the Texans won this battle.  However, the real story portrays more truth than you can imagine.

One hundred or so Texans fought off a couple thousand highly trained Mexican army for 13 days.   On the morning of March 6, the Mexican army overwhelmed the defender’s position and put down the leaders of this little rebellion.  The Alamo would become a shrine and a rallying cry for the remaining Texan army.

Moments of defeat can catalyze our future if we let them.  They can serve to remind us of where we traveled and what can come next.  I have learned through this process that every nick and bump can become fuel for my next attack.

Can you find strength in pain?  Can you push through the hurt?   Can you have the heart of 20 men?

The defenders of the Alamo knew there would be no quarter or mercy given.  They made the Mexican army pay down to the last man.   Even in defeat, victory exists.  you just have to look for it and then get to work.

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