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Checked out a running store today.  I went to Transition (  I have had pain due to increase in running too fast.  I started running at 1 mile and went to 3 by the end of week one. So I finally went to a running store to see if it was my shoes or what.

They had two different answers and I realized they are actually metaphors for my life.  The first answer states I am lazy in my run.   My left heel does not clear correctly and allow me to mid foot strike.  Why because it’s lazy….  No really.  I have to train my foot to move correctly.  This means that I have to CONCENTRATE.  I get bored and let my mind wander.  CONCENTRATE.

Second, My thigh muscles are too weak to keep my outer thigh muscle from over compensating.  Therefore, my right leg swings too far out and I miss a smooth landing.  So not I need a THIGH MASTER…  Who knew?

The ANSWER:  BUY new shoes…..  The Newton Running shoe looks crazy but will allow me to fix the heel strike without a hitch.  The PROBLEM:  The shoe costs $178.   OUCH.  Concentration is much cheaper.

See the bottom of the shoes.  Those are called lugs and keep you running on the middle of your foot.

The CRAZY Part:  My right foot is smaller than my left.  Crazy I know.  Now I have medical proof that I am not perfect…

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