Should the thing I am fasting become a way of life?

Why fast something that shouldn’t really be in my life to begin with?  If an object is blocking me being close to God, why should I return to it? Why is it in my life to begin with?

Last week in preparation for Week 2 of Speak Up, Speak Out, I began asking myself these questions but didn’t really have time to answer them.   I have given them some thought and think I have some closure.

1. Somethings do not really separate us from God; our attitude about them does.  For instance, food doesn’t separate us from God.  However we use it and what we think about it does.  We get comfortable with the idea that we have provided for ourselves.  This is simply not true.  God provided it.

2.  Somethings separate us from God and should be fasted from for life.   These things need a specific time of fasting so that we can break the hold they have over us.  It is only in communion with God that they can be broken.  Setting a specific time that lasts long enough for the new to take hold is a great way to break sin’s hold and then become a lifestyle of living.  I think about smoking or something like this issue.

Sometimes, I need fasting to help my sensitivity to God to grow in that specific area.  Stop watching violent movies and your desensitization to violence goes through the roof.

If you are fasting this week with Hope Community, know I am praying for you.

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