Super Power #2: The Ability to Tame Animals

For 40 days and nights, Noah was able to keep the animals from killing one another.  God gave Noah some amazing powers.  Think about it for second, God gave Noah the ability to create a huge boat.  This was probably something that had never been seen or even conceived.  Second, he was able to find or coerce two of every kind animals and seven pairs of clean animals.  Third, they obeyed him enough to not eat each other.  Amazing right?

I believe that Noah’s true underlying super power was his obedience to God.  Reading through the story, God speaks and Noah obeys.  It seems that obedience breeds obedience.   When we trust and follow God, we see Him make other things in our story begin to go in ways that only He can see.  He see them from a perspective that we humans cannot imagine.    Obedience is the key to following God and when it happens God is pleased.

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