Super Power #3: The Power of Faith

Sometimes people are able against all odds to believe something will happen.  We see it all over the annals of history.  The person in a concentration camp who made it one more day because of their beliefs.  Someone clings to life and waits for a specific someone to come say goodbye.  Belief affects us in a most radical way.

For Abraham, it was a belief that God would do what He said no matter what it took.  You look at this story of Isaac and you see that he knew that something was up.  They had the fire, the wood, and all the things that were need to sacrifice except the sacrifice itself.   The conversation between Isaac and Abraham shows that Isaac knew how these things normally played out.

So here Abraham is faced with a crisis.   He had to decide whether or not to believe God.  I believe that belief is closely related to character of the one making the promise.  I can promise all day long to move the moon but my character and my limitations as a human keep me from doing so.  Abraham looks at God’s trustworthiness and abilities.  He decides that God is the most trustworthy being in the universe and so puts all his trust in Him.

That in and of itself is a superpower.   One that God is willing to give to us.  He wants to give us the gift of belief and faith so that we can accomplish amazing things for Him.


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