Surfing for God

 Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle

Michael John Cusick

2012 – Thomas Nelson – ISBN-13: 978-0849947230

Internet Porn Statistics (as of June 2010) from United Families International:

Over 24 million porn sites exist.  That’s over 12% of all internet sites.

People spend $184,000 per minute on porn.

Every minute, 1.7 million people view porn.

People think only men view porn.  Women comprise one in three visitors to porn sites.

These statistics shock us and yet the statistics grow at an exponential rate.  Time has outdated these 2010 stats.   However, I think we have to focus on the number one.  Michael Cusick’s book, Surfing for God, does more than give advice about how to avoid internet porn.  It brings us back to ground zero.  It brings us back to the number of solidarity.

One person’s life destroyed.

One time leads to another to another.

Michael Cusick pulls no punches.  He uses words that embarrass us.  He says things men think and yet do not confront.  He discusses porn, masturbation, and sexual brokenness with candor and bluntness.  I personally believe men need this type of frank talk.

Surfing for God reminds us we are broken humans.

I never saw myself as a broken man. But brokenness was the very thing I couldn’t acknowledge and tried to avoid by relentlessly working harder and harder to conceal the cracks in my soul.

– Michael Cusick, Surfing for God

Any healing we appropriate must start with a recognition of the problem.   All humans share the problem of brokenness.  Yet men are the least likely to admit it.  We feel like we can deal with our mess and don’t need God’s help to do it.   The truth of the matter rests in God’s ability to deal with each individual differently.  For some of us, God heals instantaneously.  For others, a process must occur to help us.

Normally, people stop before they recognize their brokenness.  Even fewer go to place of recognize God’s power over their brokenness and fewer still go to the place of being partners with God in their healing.  For those who do Cusick gives some great practical help.

For instance in chapter 9, Cusick gives three ways to participate in recovering from strongholds in your life.

  1. Announce the lie – know exactly what belief is wrong and say it out loud
  2. Renounce the lie – verbalizing your disagreement with the belief helps you rid yourself of it
  3. Pronounce the Truth – what truth are trying to appropriate into your life.  Saying it out loud can make it stick in your mind.


In conclusion, this book serves the kingdom in a new and unique way.  Other books have dug into surface issues.  They help the majority of men who may only have small issues.  This book will help them too.  However, where other books fall short.  Surfing for God goes to the next level.  I highly recommend this book.

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