I miss Bruce…..

It’s funny how animals can play such a large role in out lives.  Some people … More

Never Give Up

Days come when I want a Dr. Pepper more than I … More

The Cave – Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons has quickly become one of my favorite bands.  The lyrics … More

Hunger Games – Midnight Show

I started reading The Hunger Games shortly after I started this competition.  At first, … More

Blood Pressure Meds….

Yesterday I ran out of blood pressure medications.   I have been weaning myself off … More

Running Store Info

Checked out a running store today.  I went to Transition (http://www.trisitionarea.com/).  I have had pain due to increase in running too fast.  I started running at 1 mile and … More

Running to Some Friends House

Tonight after bible study, I decided I would run to some friends house.  … More

Evolve or Die…

So often, we forget Darwin was right on a very fundamental level.  I … More

Is God concerned with the Calories I eat?

I think calorie counting is really only a tool. In the end, the situation requires an overall knowledge of your intake, an assessment of the health of that intake and … More

I gotta get my abs…

My kids found a free app for ab workouts on Aidan’s kindle.  They have decided … More