Taking a Break: We all need a Sabbath

Have you ever had a day that you were so stinking productive you did not know what to do?  You got your list done and done early.   You always try to have something lined up so that you can keep moving.

I am here to tell you stop.  Let me say that louder: “STOP!!!!”

I am not saying that you shouldn’t continue to get things done.  Get ‘er done.  However, take some time to enjoy your accomplishment.  Take a moment to write something you enjoy.  Grab the moment and savor it with coffee.  Celebrate it with your spouse.

Resting allows the soul to breathe.  Taking a break allows our spirits to find something missing.   Our creator created rest for us.  Jesus said, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. (Mark 2:27)”  So don’t feel guilty for taking a run or grabbing 30 minutes at the gym.

Business has been my companion today.  Now for a moment to rest my mind.  Do something that I enjoy.  Grab coffee with my wife.   Take your coffee break.  Then get back to it.


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