The Average Pastor

Earlier this week, I reviewed a book by Troy Meeder that reminds us that the world is mostly made up of average joes.  What is an average joe?  Well you can check out the book here.

 For most pastors, the term, average, carries a very negative connotation.  The word reeks of mediocrity and unfulfilled promise.  Average means underachievement of your potential.  The word describes thousand of churches that run less than 100 and cannot seem to break free of what most describe as mediocre.

I understand these feelings.  I desire to live beyond myself.  Average cannot exist in me.

The player content with a bit role in God’s story never really gets the fact that God has moved him or her into a supporting role (God’s always the star.  After all, it is His story).  I found this clip from a new movie coming out this September that helped me put my feelings into words.  For Sam Childer’s, a life less ordinary sprung out and snatched him up.  Average was not optional.   Check out Sam’s story here.


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