The Joy Genome – Miss Dreamer


“Miss Dreamer has many audacious dreams – dreams that never seem to become realities.”

– Ken Watanabe – Problem Solving 101 – pg 7


Dreams are great to have.  In fact, dreams are often the beginning of any real change in our world.  The issue with dreams is how we work to see them happen.  So often Dreamers are driven from dream to dream and have no real impact with them.  They never stick with one problem long enough to get it solved.  They move on with no real accomplishment.

The other issue with dreams are fulfilled and we stop dreaming.  We let that dream be enough and allow its fulfillment to keep us from moving on to a bigger dream.  Both of these places are filled with excuses.

Michael Jordan was one of the best players of all time.  He dreamed a dream larger than any athlete had and completed those dreams.  He found new ones as old ones were completed and looked for the future even if it ended in failure in comparison to the world’s view.   From basketball to baseball to golf, Michael Jordan is and will always be one of the best athletes.    However, hard work made his dreams come true not just more dreams.   Maybe we could take a lesson from him…  Maybe we should look at his example… and just maybe…


Maybe It’s My Fault – Michael Jordan Commercial by cashmoney484


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