The Joy Genome – Miss Sigh

In his book, Problem Solving 101, Ken Watanabe details four different type of people who will never really be able to overcome and really become problem solvers. I think they relate to our current sermon series, The Joy Genome, in the same way. These four types of individuals do not have joy in their DNA and so they cannot do what God has asked them to accomplish.

“Miss Sigh is the kind of person who gives up immediately whenever she faces a challenge.”

– Ken Watanabe, Problem Solving 101

Too often we face challenges, sit down on our rears, sigh, and blame God for bringing us to this place. We look to the skies and shake our fists at God. God changes our DNA at the cross and no longer are we stuck with the situation we have. We have the ability to step out and try something new. Because our DNA is changed to reflect joy, we can remain hopeful even in the worst of situations. Philippians 1:6 says that God began the good work and will be faithful to complete. Romans 8:28 tells us that God will work things out for our good. Even if that means that we have to endure consequences to learn patience, perseverance, or to grow. When our genome changes to include joy, we no longer sit and sigh. We learn to stand up and try.


There is an amazing kid’s show called Phineas and Ferb. It is about two brothers who spend every day of summer trying to do something fun, different and amazing. In the episode, “The Summer Belongs to You,” they travel around the world in one hour relying on the time change in each hour to go backwards. While not always plausible, it is a reminder that you have to believe in something. Often, they believe in each other to create a different world or day. God believes in you today. He believes that you will stand up and try one more time. Don’t just sit around sighing. Try with the joy of knowing that your Father in heaven believes in you. Below are some lyrics from the song that matches the title of the episode.


Isabella and Phineas

The sun is shinin’, there’s a lot that you can do (a lot that you can do)

There’s a world of possibilities outside your door

Why settle for a little, you can get much more

Don’t need an invitation, every day is new

Yes, it’s true

Summer belongs to you (summer belongs to you)

Summer belongs to you (summer belongs to you)

Summer belongs to everyone, so have some fun

There’s nothing better to do

Summer belongs to you


There are so many possibilities… God is waiting for you to grasp the gift of life He wants to give you. Why settle for little when he wants to give you more…..

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