The Joy Genome – Mr. Go-Getter



“However, if he (Mr. Go-Getter) knew how to pause and think for a minute before rushing to execute, he would be able to achieve so much more.  He also tends to blame every failure on a simple lack of effort — he thinks any problem can be solved by trying harder. – Ken Watanabe – Problem Solving 101 – pg. 8

How often do we let ourselves believe that if we will just work harder then God will love us more.  If we just do more for him, then we will be welcome into his family.  It is human nature to want to earn love.  We think that if we could put more and more effort into our relationship with God then we will achieve a huge depth of intimacy.

The truth of the situation is that Jesus achieved all the work that need to be done on the cross.  There is nothing that could bring us closer to God.  See discipleship is not about working harder.  It is about focus.  Working harder does not achieve anything more in our relationship with God.  Our effort to be more like Jesus does nothing on God’s side.  It changes us.

Discipleship (being more like Christ) and the effort it takes to do it can become something we do legalistically.  Or it can be empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit.  When this happens no effort is ever too great to undertake because its really God doing the work.



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