The Wedding

I pastor Hope Community Church.  As such, I get the opportunity to be part of people’s lives in some really awesome ways.  I perform weddings, funerals, First,  and baby dedications.   Sometimes, I know the people well.  Other times, I get to know the people as we move through the process.

The wedding this afternoon was for a couple who are older and have found love again.  He is the uncle of my friends who are in town.  Cute couple and I couldn’t resist sharing this part of my life.  It caused me to think about several things.

First, I took a vow to love and cherish my wife til my death do us part.  My bad habits and attitudes have been responsible for hurrying that day.  Without changing my lifestyle, my eating and drinking habits would remain unchecked and would ultimately lead to a horribly early death.  I truly have come to believe that as fact.

Second, I want to grow old with my wife.  Not so old she has to change my diapers but so old that we enjoy every possible minute.  I love her so much that I cannot imagine losing any minute with her.  This contest allows me the accountability I needed to get started.

These two things remind me of how important love and people in our lives are.  With bad habits, we shorten it.  Sure, no one knows what tomorrow holds but there are some things we can prevent.  If that is true, shouldn’t we try.

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