To share or not to share?

name badgeSo many times we walk by people.   We don’t look them in the eye.  In many ways they become scenery to us.  But there always seems to be that one moment when we can speak.  It’s just there waiting for you.

The first thing we have to do is move people from the scenery into our vision.  How many times do we just fail to see the person taking our order or putting our groceries in the sack?  To move someone from the scenery means that you begin to empathize and care about who they really are.  Look at the name tab and ask them how their day is going.  Begin to care about something as small as what kind of day they are having you and you begin to have God’s heart towards them.

Then we have to gather all the courage we have and begin to share the gospel with people.  Once they know how much we care about them, then we have to tell them how much God cares about them.  The good news is God loves them more than we can ever.  We have to not only speak up.  We have to speak out.

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