Viva Texas Independence!

Today we celebrate the day Texas decided to leave Mexico and become its own country.  Texas is   stole this from a friend’s facebook page.  He titled it: How we teach Geography in Texas.

Texas actually entered the United States by treaty.  We chose to be part of the United States.  We did not get annexed.

I find these facts interesting because they shape the way Texans view ourselves.  They make us believe that we are larger than life.  We like our BBQ, beer, and anything that reminds us of what freedom means.

We love that we are the Captains of our own Destiny.  We also like to remind anyone we can find of that fact.   We like wide open spaces.

These things about Texans also lead to obesity and lack of health.  Men’s Fitness Magazine declared San Antonio the 3rd fattest city in the world and the 1st in the United States.  I have to admit the fact that a Texan created Dr. Pepper makes sense.

Texans have always taken up causes when they are just.  We fight for the battles no on else wants and are willing to fight the battles that mean the most.

Today we declare our independence from being fat.  We declare that Texans can be free and should work to that end!

Viva a Healthy Texas!


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