Whiting out beliefs…

Do you ever feel like you need some white out for your life?  Maybe you have said something and you wish you could change it.  You wish the words out of your mouth could just be gobbled back up as if they never came out.

My wife brought something to my attention while we were driving to the valley and I had to fix it this morning before school.  My son, Joshua, told his Momo and Popo that his brother and sister were both skinny but that he had Dad’s body and it was big.   We had talked about different body types and I explained to him that he was like my body.  I also had said he would have to be careful what he eats.

All he heard was, “Dad is fat and losing weight.  I am fat and need to lose weight.”

Today, we needed to have a little talk.  I explained to him that his body is normal.  He has a chance to not be like his dad but to make better choices.  He could be muscular and play athletics.  He could choose to eat better.

In the end, I just want him to be healthy.  I hope that I have corrected my sons body issues but considering I am just getting to mine, I am sure we will be dealing for a while.

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