Who is Danny Price?

I thought I would take a minute and give a few minutes about my story and who I am.

First, (this is where people normally stop reading) I am a follower of Jesus.  This means that I recognize that I am not God but that I want my life to be patterned after how he lived.  I recognize that I was broken and I needed him to fix and direct my life.

Second, I am Michelle’s husband.  We have been married for 9 years.  She is amazing.  Until I met her, I did not understand

what Byron meant when he wrote:

Third, I am father to three amazing kids: Aidan(8), Joshua(5), and Gabriella(3).   They love books (Aidan has read all of the diary of a wimpy kid books), video games (Josh just got into Skylanders), playing out side on the trampoline, and doll dolls (what Gab calls her dolls – pink doll doll, sick doll doll, etc.).
Fourth, I am a pastor and church planter.  I started working at church when I was 19 and I am now 35.  I love helping people find healing from past issues and develop personal growth plans for the future.  I love helping them recognize that God created them to grow beyond this moment in their life.
Finally, I am a leader.  This means that people follow me and I have sacred trust with them to continue to grow myself.  How I live will influence and affect them in ways that I will never know.  I read a lot (70+ books last year).  I am learning to run and grow physically.
Thanks for taking a moment to understand me better.
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