Why am I doing the Healthkwest 2012 Contest?

When I came home and announced to my wife that I wanted to do the 2012 HealthKwest, she thought I was crazy.  I started telling my friends and they thought I was weird.  It wasn’t until I was selected that people really began to realize that I was serious.  See last year I had made a decision to do some different things.  I wanted to read more. I wanted to lose weight and get healthy.  I also wanted to spend more time with my family and even more, I wanted to spend quality time with my wife.  As a pastor, everyone’s problems and families seem to come before my own.

As such, I have seen my weight and my blood pressure climb.  I haven’t really taken the care of myself I wanted, promised and goaled my way into doing last year.  I did the easy things.  I read 70+ books.  I didn’t work hard on my body or on getting healthy.


I want to be an awesome leader.  Genghis Kahn led his people to take over so much but this quote credited to him reveals one of his greatest fears.


“As my calling is high, the obligations incumbent upon me are also heavy; and I fear that in my ruling there may be something wanting.”


I know that fear.  I know it too well.

I will be healthy and lose the weight not only for my wife, my kids, my church, and the people I lead but also for my legacy.  God has given me a high calling.  I must do something with it.

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