You Broke IT!

At Hope Community, we use the Life Journal Method (SOAP) for doing our daily Bible Study.  My Bible Study normally overlaps with my daily life.  Today just happened to hit me hard about this contest.

So I thought I would post it here:

Scripture: Exodus 34:1

Observation: Moses broke the tablets. Moses did it. God proceeds to name Moses’ crime but then he and Moses proceed to fix the problem. Cut the stone. Make the opportunity and we will fix it together.

Application: I am in a weight loss challenge. However, I am the one who broke my body. It was me. I ate too much. Drank too much Dr. Pepper. (yes I admit my problem). Now between God and me I have a chance to fix it. Here it is.

Prayer: God, I know that just as any with any other sin, I have missed your best in my life. Forgive me for doing that. Help me to lose the weight and get healthy. Give me the strength to choose the workout over the rice krispy treats and video games. In Jesus name, Amen

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